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The digital world offers countless opportunities to create our own business, with this app you can see many ideas with practical tips and details about what you need to start your next project.

This application is ideal for those who want to start an alternative business, but do not know where to start.

Some interesting information:

  • 1 in 18 people in the world have their own business. (According to .
  • The average age of an entrepreneur is 40 years. You are still on time.
  • Less than 1% of entrepreneurs come from wealthy families.
  • Startups with 2 founders are the most successful.

Start today and bring your idea to life with little or no investment.

Our New Startup Business Ideas app is an innovative and informative Business App designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking for ideas for startups.

A compilation of over 50 business ideas with low investment that you can start from your very own home is a click away:


  • Start A Blog
  • Start A YouTube Channel
  • Do Affiliate Marketing
  • Create Niche Websites
  • Publish A Kindle eBook
  • Create A Membership Site
  • Sell Websites On Flippa
  • Sell A Video Course On Udemy
  • Sell A Service On Fiverr
  • Resell Items On eBay
  • Get Paid For Tweeting
  • Become An Amazon Associate
  • Do CPA Marketing
  • Sell Art and Crafts on Etsy
  • Join Leapforce
  • Create Wordpress Themes
  • Develop Mobile Apps
  • Start TeeSpring Campaigns
  • Do Email Marketing
  • Do Facebook Marketing
  • Start Copywriting
  • Click And Sell Photos
  • Start Your Podcast
  • Start A Book Review Website
  • Teach Your Native Language
  • Do Document Translation
  • Do Interview Transcribing
  • Become An Online Tutor
  • Become Virtual Call Center Employee
  • Sell Merchandise On Zazzle
  • Join Q&A Sites
  • Participate In Usability Testing
  • Join Micro Job Sites
  • Do Smartphone Photography
  • Buy And Sell Domain Names
  • Write Articles On Authority Sites
  • Become A Social Media Evaluator
  • Become A Telephone Mystery Shopper
  • Become A Captioner
  • Be A Proofreader
  • Become A Ghostwriter
  • Become A Graphic Designer
  • Do Voice Acting
  • Do Instagram Marketing
  • Listen And Rate Music
  • Become A Research Assistant
  • Sell Quote Printables
  • and many more...

Generate new income online now!

This app contains articles about new business ideas for entrepreneurs, and how to start doing by your own without any investment. In addition to the articles, there is a list of other tools like podcats and books.

With this app you can see new ideas with practical tips, tools and details about what you need to start your next online project.

This app is ideal for those entrepreneurs who want to start an alternative business, but do not know where to start or do not have a budget.

We are constantly developing so we will be incorporating new ideas, as well as basic financial education tips to start your business as soon as possible.

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